Generally, there are two types of work-place injuries. A work-place injury is referred to as a specific injury or cumulative trauma. Sometimes an injured worker could have sustained more than one injury at different times and may suffer from more than one specific injury, cumulative trauma or a combination of the two. A specific injury is the type of injury most people think of when referring to an injury. Some people think of it as an accident. A slip and fall is an example of a specific injury. Getting hit in the heading by a falling object is another example of a specific injury. The injured worker knows exactly when and how he or she was injured: “I sat down in my chair at my desk and


On November 14, 2013, the California Supreme Court ruled that medical reports from physicians outside of the employer’s medical provider network obtained by the employee are admissible in proceedings to determine disability benefits. (Valdez v. W.C.A.B and Warehouse Demo Serv. et al., S204387). The non-MPN medical reports are admissible on the issue of compensation for lost wages or earning capacity. Medical reports from non-MPN physicians are not admissible in proceedings to resolve diagnosis or medical treatment disputes (with limited exceptions). Prior to this recent Supreme Court decision, employers, injured workers, attorneys and judges were without clear guidance on how to reconcile La

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